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Katnook Estate

Chris Brodie

Chris Brodie
Chris Brodie
Vineyard Manager

From a background in horticulture in New Zealand, Chris Brodie joined the Katnook Estate team in 1997 and is now our Senior Viticulturist.  Chris oversees Katnook's integrated viticultural management systems which take into account the four key elements for optimal grape quality: water, plant nutrition, pest and disease control and sunlight. He also controls progressive trials such as vine canopy and water management.

In 2017, he was appointed as a board member on the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO) in recognition of his ability to contribute to the grape industry at large.

Chris points out that viticultural management is not as simple as it might seem. "We have 100 vineyard sections or management units here at Katnook Estate. Each requires specialized management and attention so the challenges and opportunities are constant" he says.  " When we supply grape quality to the winemakers that surpasses their expectation we know our plans and trials have been successful."

Since arriving at Katnook Estate, Chris has worked at improving his knowledge of wine and winemaking, as well as developing his palate. Not only has this helped his understanding of the power of the vineyard in creating great wines but, obviously, is enjoyable in its own right.   

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