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Katnook Estate


Outstanding vineyards are the product of treating the vines with respect and maintaining their natural conditions. Biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, waste management and reducing carbon footprint are just some of the sustainable practices which Katnook adopts.

We participate in state and industry lead research, such as recent trials in which cameras attached to fixed-wing aircraft provide data to identify canopy temperature, thus improving water use and wine quality.  See media release here.

Additionally, Katnook’s vineyard has Entwine Accreditation, the Australian wine sector’s national environmental assurance program, giving winemakers and grape growers formal certification of their practices according to recognised standards.

We are actively involved in the Coonawarra Biodiversity Enhancement Program which aims to transform the way selected vineyards are managed through the incorporation of locally-adapted, native insectary plants, which provide a range of ecosystem service benefits, while building resilience and stability in the landscape. This will save time and resources by producing fruit with lower pest incidence, while enhancing the biodiversity and resilience of their vineyards. Read more about this program here.

Katnook Founder’s Block Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are bottled in OI Premium light weight bottles, reducing the weight from 580 grams to 410 grams.  

Our winemakers are committed to sustainable winemaking and the winery boasts a large solar unit, supplying the winery’s power needs for most of the year and reducing our reliance on non renewable resources. Continuous improvement in fuel substitution, clean technology and minimal chemical treatments are addressed by a thorough environmental contingency plan.

Katnook is proud to be within The Limestone Coast region, considered a Bioenergy hotspot in South Australia according to the 2015 Renewables SA  study analysing South Australia’s bioenergy potential.

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